Friday, 12 April 2013

What is Drivers in ADO.Net? Why?

Drivers are designed first to provide database communication. They are of two types
1.       JET Drivers
2.       ODBC Drivers
1.       JET Drivers :  (Joint Engine Technology)
                   These are designed for local database communication.
Ex: OBs, frospro
2.       ODBC Drivers : ( Open Database connectivity)
To communicate with remote databases Microsoft has designed ODBC Drivers which is facilitates the process of communication with remote databases.
Ex: Oracle, Sql server , DB2
Drawbacks of Drivers :
                As a Driver is not part of an application we need to install these drivers on each and every machine. Where the application we install and then the application driver and data source has to be  configure to each other.
                Initially Drivers are designed only for Database communication.

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