Wednesday, 12 August 2015

What is Delegate and How many Types of Delegates in C# .Net

             A Delegate was a pointer to a method which can be used for invoking  a method multiple times that gets executed under stack which is reserved for it their same the concepts of function pointer in our traditional c, c++ languages.
using Delegates :  To use a Delegates follow the below process
Step1 : Delegate Declaration :
                Here we require the first declare a Delegate for invoking the method as following[<Modifiers>] Delegate <void/type> <Name>[<Param Def's>]
Note : The I/O Parameters of your Delegate should match with the I/O parameters of the method the Delegate was calling.
Example :
        Public void Add(int x, int y)       {        Console.WriteLIne(x+y);       }Public delegates void Adddel(int x, int y)
Example 2 :
Public string sayhello(string name)       {         return " Hello" + name;
       }Public delegates string SayDel(string name);
Two types of Delegates :
                 1) Single cast Delegates                  2) Multicast Delegates
        If a delegate is used for invoking a single method of a class. it is referred as a singlecast delegate.
        If a delegate used for invoking more than one method it's  referred as a multicast Delegate.

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  1. delegates are same as pointers. they contain the address location of the method.
    And the delegates are strongly typed.

    There are two types of delegates.

    Synchronous and Asynchronous Delegate........