Friday, 12 April 2013

What are the Serialization and Deserialization in Remoting

v                             To exchange information between both the parties they make use of a process known as Serialization and De-Serialization . As applications represent the data in High Level(Object Format) Which are not free flowable , needs to be converted into low level(Binary or Text) and then transferred to the other system. Where on the target machine Low Level data has to be converted back into high Level.
v                               Serialization is a process of converting high level data to low level and De-Serialization is in opposite of serialization that converts low level data to high level.
v  To perform Serialization and De-Serialization remoting provides Formatter Classes, Those are:
·         Binary Formatters :        -- TCPServerChannel     --TCPClientChannel
·         Soap Formatters :           -- HttpServerChannel    --HttpClientChannel
v                                Binary Formatters are used for binary Serialization and De-Serialization & Soap Formatters are used for text Serialization and de-serialization.
v  Note :  Traditional DCOM supports only Binary.

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