Friday, 12 April 2013

What are the Assembly Attributes in .Net

Every assembly is associated with attributes that describes about the general information of an assembly like Title, Company, Description, Version etc. These attributes will be under  AssemblyInfo.CS file each project, To view them expand properties node under the project in Solution Explorer where we find AssemblyInfo.cs File
Note :   We can change values of any attributes as per our requirements.
---- In bottom of the file we find an attribute version which is a combination of 4 values :
               -Major Version  - Minor Version   -Build Number  -Revision
----The default version of every assembly is, to change version number, we follow the below guidelines :
  1.       Change revision number when modifications were made to existing members of types in an assembly.
  2.   Change build number when new members were added to types of assembly.
  3.        Change minor version when modifications were made to existing types in an assembly.
  4.        Change major version when new types were added in an assembly.

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